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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Nihilist Notes (And the perpetual Quest 4 Meaning in

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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Nihilist Notes (And the perpetual Quest 4 Meaning in

01. Nothing Nada Null 01:39
02. I set Fire to Cathedrals with the flame inside my He 04:20
03. How I paint the World in Flames 4 You 03:52
04. I remember the perpetual Search for the Meaning in N 04:37
05. Lets forsake your Peace and embrace my War 03:26
06. In the Skies that burn theres no Refuge 4 Man 04:46
07. Sing to my Enemies and those who did not make it 04:34
08. To the Gods that kill and forever will 04:24
09. Never shall the Stars be touched or the Roses fall 04:20
10. Of all the Pearls we cast to Swine 04:47
11. The Sins that I did and all the Sin Ill ever do 04:06
12. Every Fiend I have lost and Friends abandoned 04:09
13. Somewhere theres a Cross that wont defile you 01:25


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